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Who are we?

Dontolier arises as a natural evolution of the professional career of Dr. Jesús Leonardo Castro.
Leonardo Castro who, after many years working for different types of clinics, decided to join his
decided to join his partner and friend, the businessman Jhat Bautista, creating his own concept of dental care
concept of dental care merging dentistry with facial aesthetics developing a space of transformation and evolution for the patient.

Dontolier is a clinic specializing in high quality dental services and aesthetic medicine, with human talent from different specialties of dentistry, highly qualified and experienced.

We focus on the comprehensive management of each patient using the latest technology and ensuring responsible and quality care. Our team, in addition to having great humanism, is experienced and is in permanent training and updates to serve you in the best way.

At the moment we have only one office in the city of Bogota, Colombia, with the future focus of expanding our idea and reach other cities in the country.

Dontolier is the place where your aesthetic dreams come true.

Where the smile finds its maximum expression and beauty merges with health.


To develop a modern and multidisciplinary concept offering our users an accurate treatment with a positive long-term prognosis, fulfilling their expectations and restoring functionality, confidence, esthetics and safety. To be in constant learning to have current concepts of materials and newly developed technology.


Dontolier is a clinic that is projected in the year 2025 with offices in the city of Cartagena and Medellin, we will be a reference in technology, dental art and high quality service in Colombia and abroad.
About us

Meet Our Team

Meet our talented team of highly skilled professionals at Dontolier, dedicated to providing exceptional care in dentistry and facial aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Jesús Leonardo Castro

CEO, Specialist in Dental Aesthetics

Jhat Bautista

CEO, Chief Marketing Officer

Argenis Rodríguez​

Sp. in Orofacial Harmonization

Rafael Rueda​

Dental Aesthetics

Soraida Ramírez

Dental hygienist

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