A dental implant is an element designed to replace the missing root and hold the artificial tooth in place. the artificial tooth in place

What is a dental implant?

They are small titanium screws that are inserted into the dental bone in order to replace the root of a tooth that, for various reasons, has been lost. After insertion, we place a crown or prosthesis that provides the necessary aesthetics and functionality. It is a solution that offers very positive and lasting results in the long term, since a well cared for implant can last a lifetime and acts like a real tooth.


State-of-the-art implantology

We are specialists in implantology and our team has all the latest knowledge to improve treatments and optimize results. The advanced dental implantology that we perform at Dontolier allows us to carry out, and with precision, techniques such as techniques such as computer-guided surgery or the placement of immediate load implants with which you will enjoy your new teeth on the same day. same day.

Dental implant placement step by step

Step 1

Case Study

Before proceeding with dental implants, a comprehensive evaluation is performed to analyze the oral condition. This assessment includes a clinical examination, intraoral and extraoral photographs, radiographs and a 3D scan to verify the viability of the implants.

Step 2

Dental Implants Placement

The process of dental implants is common and painless, improved with techniques such as computer-guided surgery. The precision increases, avoiding opening the gum in many cases and achieving a more comfortable postoperative period.

Step 3

Healing or Osseointegration of Implants

Después de la cirugía, se requieren de 3 a 6 meses para que el implante se integre naturalmente al hueso. En casos favorables, se puede colocar una prótesis provisional inmediatamente después, conocida como carga inmediata, brindando estética desde el primer día.

Step 4

Fabrication and Fitting of the Prosthesis

Once the dental implant is fully integrated, we will use CAD-CAM technology to create the prosthesis. This digital technology allows significant savings for the patient, both in costs and treatment time, by achieving optimal precision in the final result.

Step 5

Dental Implant Post-Treatment

According to your particular situation, we will recommend periodic check-ups to ensure the proper development of the implant. In addition, we will provide you with instructions on the basic care necessary to maintain the function and durability of the parts.

Benefits of dental implants

Fixed dental implants provide comfort and stability to the mouth, unlike false teeth or other techniques.

Replacing teeth avoids bone resorption and keeps the oral tissue in good condition, preventing tooth displacement.

With proper care, implants can last a lifetime thanks to quality materials.

Dental implantology is effective and safe, with techniques that guarantee success without damaging other dental pieces.

Although it is a costly treatment, in the long term it is more economical for the patient, as he or she will enjoy comfortable, natural-looking teeth for many years to come.

The implants are adapted in size, color and shape to look like original teeth, achieving a natural appearance.

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