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Dental veneers allow us to transform your smile in a short time, modifying the shape, color, size and / or position of the teeth, people who were afraid to smile can now do it with more confidence.

What are dental veneers?

They are thin sheets of ceramic or resin that adhere to the external surface of the tooth, improving its aesthetics to achieve the smile you have always wanted.

They offer an unbeatable result:


Ceramic smile design

It is a design composed of ultra-thin porcelain sheets. It is a digital procedure created with a high technology system called CAD/CAM system. CAM system, this digitalization allows us to show the patient the design in the computer before cementing the veneers in the mouth

What is CAD/CAM technology?

Dental CAD (Computer Aided Design)/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology is a technology system that assists in the design and fabrication of ceramic veneers.

Through this digital technology, the patient’s mouth is scanned and the veneers are processed and fabricated through assisted machining. This generates greater precision in the diagnosis and preparation, in addition to allowing a simulation or digital pre-planning.

They do not fracture and are not pigmented by dark drinks or cigarettes.

These veneers have a durability of up to approximately 20 years.

Duration of procedure: 2 appointments, painless treatment.

Benefits of ceramic veneers

Porcelain veneers offer superior and personalized dental esthetics, adapting to each individual dentition to obtain high quality results.

Porcelain veneers maintain their unalterable color over time, preserving their original appearance despite the passage of time.

Using the CAD/CAM system, porcelain veneers are designed by computer, allowing shape, size and color to be selected prior to placement in the clinic.

Ceramic veneers are highly durable and resistant, those made of lithium disilicate (E-Max) are more resistant than natural teeth.


Resin smile design

It is a design composed of thin layers of resin. This procedure is performed directly on the external surface of the tooth to improve its appearance, achieving immediate alignment and whitening of the teeth.

Veneers have a useful life
of 5 to 8 years.

They require care to avoid fractures, but offer good resistance to mechanical movements.

The treatment takes approximately 3 hours and is painless, providing comfort to the patient.

Benefits of resin veneers

Resin smile design offers equally satisfactory results and preserves 100% dental functionality.

Only one appointment is required, saving time and achieving the desired smile in a few hours.

Being a simple and specific procedure, resin smile design is more economical than other options.

Painless and without long processes, it is an ideal option to improve the smile without fear.


Teeth Whitening

It is a clinical treatment of Aesthetic Dentistry which aims to lighten the color of the teeth by means of lightening agents that do not damage the tooth enamel, nowadays there are products with Neutral Ph that do not affect the tooth and achieve a smile.

The procedure is
completed in 1 appointment, saving the patient time.

Soft tissues are protected during treatment

The procedure is safe and offers satisfactory results that are immediately visible.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Effectiveness in eliminating stains: It is an effective treatment to reduce and eliminate dental stains.

Professional whitening does not damage the enamel and promotes better oral hygiene.

Achieves a white and luminous smile, improving the image and making it more attractive.

Painless and effective procedure: It is simple, painless and offers satisfactory results.

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